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What is the ingredients? Any preservatives?

Our products uses fresh ingredients which consist of fried garlic and onion (we peel every morning to ensure its freshness), chili flakes and powder (SEEDLESS), sesame seeds, garlic powder, onion powder, palm oil and sesame oil. NO added preservatives and addictive. 

Are there vegan options?

Our Original Garlic, Super Hot, Spicy Garlic Sauce are vegan friendly (contains onion & garlic).

How to store and how long is the shelf life?

DO NOT store in fridge or freezer, store in cool dry place. Unopened: 12 months*. Once opened: Consume within 2 months.

* Please refer to best before date printed on cover.

Are your products HALAL certified?

Yes, our products are all HALAL certified by JAKIM MALAYSIA.

I would like to order in larger quantities.

For orders of more than 20 bottles, please contact us here.

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